Safelink wireless apn settings

Note that field names will be different on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. Some Android phones will not let you edit or delete your APN settings regardless of which network you are using. I have a ZTE majesty pro through straight talk.

I know my son and have it set correctly. My problem is it seems that my phone is connected to a sketchy net work and it seems that everything I do on my phone is being transferred to some computer. I have tried resetting my son several times but end up on the same net work. I do not have internet in my home or wifi. I think maybe someone hacked my phone and some how connected me to their server or home computer. Please help me if you can. I am not sure what leads you to believe your phone has been hacked but I assume it is possible.

I am not a security expert but I think your choices are to either buy s new phone and transfer your service or do a full factory reset on the phone.

safelink wireless apn settings

A new phone would be safer. Is it possible you just installed a bad app? My guess is they the same as the ones used for Straight Talk, same company. If you already have an active phone number with Tracfone t-mobile you can look them up here. Your email address will not be published. Kristy May 6, at am Reply.

Tracfone APN Settings – For Verizon, Tmobile & Straight Talk

Thank you for the step by step instructions. Patty Johnson April 10, at pm Reply.

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Bob Thompson April 11, at am Reply. Michael Alan September 25, at pm Reply. Bob Thompson September 26, at am Reply. James Currie January 2, at pm Reply. Bob Thompson January 3, at am Reply. JHodge November 12, at pm Reply. Mike derrick June 24, at pm Reply. APN set on Alcatel l can not find how to reset. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.If you are getting connection errors in your VZW network android phone because of a messed up APN settings or if you are using an unlocked phone on a carrier overseas then you have to input the appropriate APN settings into the device so that it knows how to access the internet.

Check out our MVNO list. You would also be interested to know how to access Verizon cloud login? Need help on other network apn settings?

safelink wireless apn settings

Find out the cricket wireless apn settings here. If you find any other working Verizon APNkindly let u know in the comments. Please make sure you share your phone model and location so that it will be helpful for the users with similar settings.

I have to download and run an app that only works in root to use to even get to my apn settings. Anyone know how to fix this on a Verizon Note 3? Only allows me to change APN but cannot set port or proxy and apn type. Any solutions please. I only was allowedto use internet anyway but thats all i need.


I purchased it through the new Smart Pay program through Straighttalk. I read where you can download an App that will backup APN setting and then delete them to set them to what you want. Can anyone Please help me?!!? With the verizon service, had no data. Just found something that worked for me.

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Thanks Les. We have updated the article with the apn you have shared. To Kari, it sounds like you need to have your phone unlocked.

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Les you are a life saver! I took me almost 2 hours to fix my galaxy s5 because I accidentally erased the apn.

safelink wireless apn settings

I tried every apn i could find and finally I scrolled across this site and your advice! Thanks again. A great app to create direct shortcuts to settings like APNs and other hidden menus is Anycut the one with the mushroom icon. Did you ever figure out how to get this phone to add and edit APN?

TracFone APN Settings

Grayed out. I have a galaxy s4 will not retrieve e-mails or download pictures on text messages? What should I do?Tracfone Wireless is an American company — established in — provides prepared mobile phones as well as services without any contract. Cellular, and T-Mobile US. It also provides so many different plans for their customers. Its policies also have data internet plans through which you can use the internet and send MMS using mobile credit, but this would require to have Tracfone APN settings in your phone.

As you know, it also provides internet services to its customers, so due to these fast wireless services, there is a significant increment in its customers. Are you one of those who are facing issues in the setup of APN settings? To give you a wide range of knowledge about this, we have gathered here all the solutions for you. To let yourself know about the settings, scroll till the end. Verizon is one of those networks that Tracfone uses to provide services to their customers.

These settings are below so that you can enter and install theses on your mobile phone. Tmobile is also the brand of Tracfone that provides products and services. It provides many calls and SMS plans as well as internet plans. Its internet plans are worth using. To use the internet, one requires an APN settings installation.

To install, enter the following settings on your phone in the same manner. Tracfone also operates Safelink to provide services to the eligible customers. Only the selected users can get services from them, and only one user of a family can have only one Safelnk Wireless connection. Straight Talk is one of the brands of Tracfone. It also offers services and brands under Straghtalk.

Its services also include internet and MMS services. To install APN settings, enter the below settings n your phone so that you can also enjoy the internet. Wallmart Family mobile is one of the brands of Tracfone. It offers several family-friendly plans. It also offers internet plans. To get the benefits of these internet plans, enter the following APN settings on your phone. These are alternate settings for your phone so that if the above does not work for you, you can try the next one.Tracfone apn settings— step by step configuration guide.

On this post we will guide you trough the process of setting up the correct APN Settings for Tracfone.

Easy Way Setup T-Mobile's APN setting for any Android phone

Just as a general knowledge, the APN or Access Point Names are required so that your phone can properly connect to the internet servers on the Mobile Operator network. Without properly setting up the APNs, you will not be able to browse the internet or send multimedia messages picture messages. Please do make sure you enter them exactly as they appear, otherwise it will not work properly. Bear special attention to the special dots, commas, etc. Now that you have the correct APN Settings for Tracfone, the next steps is to set it up on your smartphone.

As a general rule, before proceeding with the setup, please do make sure that you have purchased a valid data plan and that the data services is enabled on your phone. We do also recommend you to always create a new set of APNs instead of editing existing ones.

This will make sure we have a clean set of information and avoid any mix up there. Once everything is setup properly, you should save and exit. Now test browsing some websites or send a picture message to test the connection! Happy browsing using your Tracfone Service! For further reference, this is the Tracfone Support Site.

Where do you enter the tracfone detailed apn settings? I am trying to set up my data settings APN settings for my Samsung galaxy express 3 can you tell me how to do so. Hi Tee, sat the bottom of the post there is a youtube video with step by step instructions. Or just search the blog for galaxy s3. You can ask the original carrier where the phone was purchased from for the unlock code.

Upper right corner are three dots, tap on those then tap on New APN and insert the following settings. Omg, thank you so much. I tried the first APN and my phone said carrier does not allow dun types. I used yours and tah-dah…. The following is what worked for me to get service working correctly on my 5s Tracfone service.

While connected to a Wi-Fi network, open Safari and type in ireseller. By doing this you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Exit your browser, turn off Wi-Fi, and re-boot your iPad or iPhone. With Wi-Fi off, access Safari to ensure your data connection is working.TracFone is the largest no-contact service provider in US with over 20 million subscribers.

Cellular feature phones only and Verizon. Most of the unlocked TracFone supported devices could be used in TracFone network.

Owned by TracFone Wireless. MNVO or Att. SafeLink is a TracFone operated wireless service provided for eligible households. None of the above worked. One big problem is most of the settings listed are not editable on my phone.

They are all grayed out. Only "APN" is editable. Tracfone 2 did not allow text with photo and only worked on 2G with my Samsung S8. Tracfone 3 did not work with THE S8.

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Galaxy S8 GF is not compatible with Tracphone. I tried 6 suggested APN variants and none enabled me to download internet data and text receipt was limited to short messages with no graphics. I have a lgk30 4g lte. Firefox OS.

Replies Truck Turner Jun ED Aug Sylviane Allen Oct Cindy Nov Can't set up my email. It says cannot connect to server. Change settings.

TracFone 4G LTE APN Settings

Related replies Ted Aug Jeni James Sep I have a card. Us cellular user Sep Ron Wolfe Sep Ron Wolfe Oct Shevon Nov Katlin Kuhlman Dec Tammy Arenivaz Dec Mildred Delmooro Jan Post a comment. Alcatel Pixi 3 3. All rights reserved. Privacy All trademarks are registered trademarks of their respective owners.TracFone is a wireless prepaid cellular network provider. It is famous for low-cost prepaid plans.

So that you no need to have any contract, bills, credit checks etc. In case you have to change your mobile, no need to change your mobile number. The values given below are must and should enter as it is. You have to enter the value given below as it is and you should make sure that your mobile data is turned on. Step 6: Now you have to create new APN with given values below. Step 9: To test try to open any website in your iPhone web browser and enjoy high-speed mobile data.

The following information will help to setup APN settings in your android phones for both mobile data internet and multimedia messages MMS. Step 1: Open Main menu in your android phones. Step 6: Here you see all the old APN setting that used before so delete all of them.

Step 7: Now create new APN settings with following values as it is. You can now avail the high-speed internet provided by Network provider with just updating the right APN settings. If you have any queries, do leave them in the comments section below. Before changing APN Setting please save existing settings. Homepage APN Settings. Leave a Comment. Related Post. Type your search query and hit enter:.T Mobile apn settings — Step by Step Configuration.

In case you are using a T-Mobile phone and you are not able to connect to the internet or you just bought a new unlocked phone to be used on T-Mobile but you are not able to connect to the internet, chances are that you will need to check the Internet or Data settings on your phone.

safelink wireless apn settings

This are the settings you should use in order to setup to be able to connect to the internet and send or receive picture messages:. First go to the Settings Menu or slide down the notification bar and hit on the gear like icon.

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Then go to Mobile Networksfrom there you will see Access Point Namesthen select menu and tab on Create New APN, type in the information provided above to activate the mobile internet on the phone. Save and Exit. You may want to watch these video instrucion on how to setup the APN on Android. Please do make sure your phone is fully unlocked and you have a valid data plan before you can proceed setting this up.

For further asistance please take a look at our APN Troubleshooting guid e. You can also visit the T-Mobile Official Support site. Hi Robbie, can you receive MMS?

Omg…I was having the same problem in not being able to send mms text but with following these steps and copying and pasting…. I have a fully unlocked 4g lte Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. This is originally from Verizon but as stated is unlocked. Please assist.

Thanks in advance. Now things are good again! I am unable to download pictures in my messages. My APN type currently is default. Currently this is not there so I will have to add it? Your email address will not be published. Related Posts.

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